Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lists 2012

In 2008 I started what is a fun, annual post for me.

Here are my top five lists from 2012.

Top Five Movies I Saw:
1. Argo (Human courage and creativity at its best)
2. Life of Pi (Which story do you prefer?)
3. Lost (the entire TV series on Netflix…amazing character development)
4. Battlestar Galactica (the entire TV series on Netflix….William Adama is a hero!)
5. The Town (a few years old, but hadn’t seen it…very good)

Top Five Websites I Visited:
1. AJC.com / CNN.com / USATODAY.com
2. Pandora.com
3. CBSsports.com
4. ESPN.com
5. Ted.com

Top Seven Books I Read:
1. All Is Grace by Brennan Manning
2. The Triumph of Christianity by Rodney Stark
3. Choose Love Not Power by Tony Campolo
4. The (Honest) Truth about Dishonesty by Dan Ariely
5. Humilitas by John Dickson
6. The Science of Fear by Daniel Gardner
7. The Last Place on Earth by Roland Huntford

Top Six Restaurants I Ate At:
(in order of frequency)
1. Starbucks (four times/week on average)
2. Subway
3. Sid’s Pizza (for pick-up, not dine-in)
4. Taco Mac (still for the football and friendships, not the food)
5. McAlister’s Deli
6. Cheesecake Factory

Top Five Things I'm Really Glad I Spent My Time Doing:
1. Growing my relationship with my family.
2. Being with my church family on Sunday mornings.
3. Tutoring kids at Esther Jackson Elementary School, helping to fund the digging of freshwater wells in Africa, and officiating at weddings at Kimball Hall.
4. Spending time with new friends.
5. Reading.

Fourteen Great Memories
1. Going to movies and going on walks with my son.
2. Tucking my daughter in at night and driving her to school every morning, Mon-Fri, and helping her with her homework, and going into the church early with her each Sunday morning, and letting her vote with me in the Presidential election, and seeing her laugh and roller skate and play games.
3. Our annual summer vacation in Hilton Head.  Great again for the 30-something-eth year.
4. Old friendships going deeper – SteveW, George/Dianne, ChrisG, CharlieT, CarlosB, Susie/Eddie, EricI, AnnM, Kristal/Warren, Steve/Shelley, TimS, EricF, PatrickS.
5. New friendships – JC, Chuck/Angela, JeffK, JustinB, LaurenC, BenT, JoelF. 
6. Talking on the phone with my parents.
7. Sunday nights at Taco Mac with friends.
8. My high school friends at church – Jack, Naum, Thomas, Jake, Alex, John, Hanna, Evan, Brandon, Xander, Luke.
9. Weddings at Kimball Hall.   
10. Christmas brunch with my church family at Altobelli’s on the 9th followed by the best Christmas church service in the history of Christmas church services on the 16th. Thanks Phil, it was your idea!
11. The Cowboys-Falcons game with my wife at the Georgia Dome.
12. My wife's potato soup! Simply the best.
13. My dad, my nephew Isaac, and I saw it live and in person at Turner Field....Chipper's walk off homer on September 2 against the Phillies.
14. Christmas Morning with my family.  A horse and a car will make this an unforgettable Christmas.