Monday, October 22, 2012

Taking Tennis Lessons from John McEnroe

If I could take tennis lessons from Rafa Nadal, John McEnroe or Serena Williams I would do it. And if either told me to stand "here," to hit my backhand like "that" or toss the ball "in this way," I would devote myself to doing what they said. What an opportunity!

If I could have lunch with and get business tips from Jim Collins or Herb Kelleher I would not only pay for their lunch. I would also take notes and do my best to implement what they told me. What an opportunity!

If Dave Ramsey or Clark Howard would sit down with me, examine my finances and set me on an optimal financial course, I would do my best to follow the exact plan they outlined.

If I wanted to strengthen my physical body - well, I don't really need improvement here. (And I lie sometimes, too.)

Over the past several weeks I've been re-reading Jesus' "Sermon on the Mountain" found in Matthew 5, 6 and 7. And he says things like "settle matters quickly," "don't take revenge," "love your enemies," "give to the needy," "pray," "fast," "prioritize God with the way you spend your money," "don't judge," and more.

And it leads me to this question for you and for me: If you could take LIFE lessons from the master of life and he said "settle matters quickly like this" or "forgive like that" or "pray here," would you do it? Would you view it as an opportunity of a lifetime? 

Does Jesus know as much about how to live life well as McEnroe does about tennis, Collins about business, and Ramsey about money?  If so, then, what would be appropriate response from you and from me?