Friday, September 6, 2013

One Question and the BETTER Answer

Sometimes people will ask me, “What denomination is your church?  What’s your affiliation?” 

And I usually say some version of this:
We are a non-denominational or an interdenominational church.  That means if every person at our church lined up against a wall and, then, one-by-one, stepped forward and said his/her faith tradition, some of us would say “Catholic”, some “Methodist”, some “Presbyterian”, some “Baptist”, some “Seventh-day Adventist”, some “No denomination,” and even some, “agnostic.”

But I got to thinking the other day…..That isn’t the most clear or accurate answer to the question of affiliation.  Our affiliation is not really a label (or at least it shouldn’t be). 

Our affiliation is more clearly articulated this way:

We are affiliated with the Roswell Firehouse every quarter when we serve them a massive and tasty lunch.  Our affiliation is with Esther Jackson Elementary School.  Over the years we have tutored hundreds of students and been able to help students and families with thousands of dollars of needed resources. Our affiliation is with the men, women and children in Ethiopia, whom we have had the privilege of helping fund 15 water projects!

Our affiliation is with the servers and staff at Starbucks and Taco Mac and McAlisters Deli.  Our affiliation is with the ushers at Turner Field each summer when we buy tickets for our entire congregation.  Our affiliation is with the owner and staff of Altobeli’s restaurant, where we enjoy our Christmas brunch each December. 

Our affiliation is with the Bible, and to following Jesus wherever he leads.  Our affiliation is with living out three realities: Everybody’s Welcome, Nobody’s Perfect, and Transformation’s Possible.

If you want to know what kind of church we are….look around, ask around, get to know the people here.  See how we care for the poor and the lonely and the hurting.  See how we grieve at funerals and celebrate at births and anniversaries. See how we throw a party (a Pumpkin Festival, a Trivia Night, a Kids Party). Hang out with us in small groups. See how we love and serve and accept and pray and give and forgive and lift up and build up and give up everything we can to the God who gave up everything for us!

That’s a better answer to the question!