Tuesday, April 16, 2013


FACT:  Walmart increases shopping cart size and sales of big items go up 50 PERCENT!
FACT:  Use a round table instead of a square table and the percentage of people contributing to a conversation INCREASES significantly!
FACT: If the serving plate is more than 6.5 feet from the dining room table, the number of “seconds” goes down 63 PERCENT.
FACT: Get rid of wastebaskets under desks and recycling SKYROCKETS!
FACT: Put hand-sanitizer dispensers all over a dorm—with no signs asking students to use them—and the number of sick days and missed classes per student falls 20 PERCENT!
(these facts are from Tom Peters's book "The Little Big Things")

FACT: Small changes make BIG DIFFERENCES.

What BIG DIFFERENCES in your life might come if you engaged in the following small changes:

1.      Only drink water when eating out.
2.      Thoughtfully read a portion of scripture every day for just ten minutes.
3.      Intentionally compliment at least one person every day before noon.
4.      Go to bed thirty minutes earlier than usual.
5.      Walk/jog in your neighborhood for fifteen minutes a day.

If you did just these five things for one month, I bet the following would happen:
Your waist would be thinner, your wallet fatter, your mind sharper, you friendships richer, your patience stronger, your soul happier.

And not just by a little bit.  I bet you’d be thinner, richer, sharper, stronger, and happier in a SIGNIFICANTLY MEASURABLE way.

NEXT STEP:  Would you pray today about what small things God might like you to add to your list?  Would you write down what big things may result?